Green Energy made simple!

Nextgen Solution has a vision for generations to come for our great country Australia. Nextgen Solutions is a leading company truly dedicated to renewable energy. we have the buying power, expertise and highly experienced installation team all over Australia to ensure you get the very best in solar energy products and services.

All the renewable energy products we stock are tried and tested to provide the most reliable power in Australia’s harsh conditions – green electricity you can generate yourself and save on your electricity bills!

Whether it’s components such as solar panels, deep cycle batteries or grid connect and off grid solar energy systems, a solar hot water system or your lighting solution with best LED Lights, we have all you needs! 

We team is truly passionate about renewable energy and have the experience to provide you with the right advice; recommending the best solar power energy products for your specific electricity needs and budget with the latest information on Australian Federal and State government renewable energy rebates :helping to save you even more money!

NextGen has successfully installed hundreds of grid connect solar electricity and solar hot water systems for homes, businesses, local government and schools in NSW, the ACT, QLD, VIC & SA, and we’re committed to help you to cut your electricity bills and save the environment.

We only use the highest quality solar panels, from reputable multi-national companies, which carry a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. NextGen also offer the only Australian made and owned solar panels from Silex Solar.

The inverters we use are the highest efficiency pure sign wave inverters, and in most cases SMA, Power One Aurora, and Samil Power the world leaders.

We use fully certified and engineered solar panel mounting systems that carry a 10 year warranty. Each installation is carried out by our licensed, insured and Clean Energy Council accredited solar electricians. Switch to leading renewable energy solar products with the solar power experts… NextGen Solutions!

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Our aim is to make solar power for homes, businesses and schools a viable, affordable option for hundreds of thousands of people across Australia. NextGen wants to help you, help the planet while saving and even making you money in the process. See what some of our happy customers had to say!

If you’re interested in learning more about solar energy for your home while dealing with an established and accredited solar installation company,